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Client Testimonials Here’s what they say

Eastern Sierra

Working with CBT is a true pleasure! Being able to turn over my tech needs to qualified folks is incredibly reassuring.

Rich Sanfilippo

Thanks Tony for your careful attentiveness in transferring me from one lap top to another and being patient with me at the same time whether that was looking for passwords or explaining questions in a way I could understand. The whole CBT Team rocks and Mammoth and beyond are all the better for having CBT here from us! Cheers, Rich Sanfilippo

RH Electronics Inc

I've been using CBT for several years. Our offices are located in San Diego , with CBT technologies and monitoring software they can manage, configure and fix any of your computer issues remotely. I have a heavy network, remote employees, multiple punch panels, multiple ProCurve switches, Ubiquiti WIFI access points, in house VOIP servers and so on. Never have they had to come out to fix something that couldn't be done remotely. Strike that last comment, I had a network card fail on our server however CBT found a local tech, did all the vetting and prepared the non-disclosure agreement before sending the tech to our location. Good luck finding that type of service anywhere else! CBT is our Microsoft contact for our Office 365 accounts , handles all our virus protection and in-house and cloud based backups, our SQL databases and everything else I'm extremely good at breaking. If you need a solid company to manage your business or home give these guys a call because with today's technology it doesn't matter if they are next door, in another country or 17,976 feet lower than Mt. Everest. They can handle it.

101 Great Escapes

I own 101 Great Escapes. We are a very busy vacation rental company in Mammoth Lakes. Before CBT, I spent 10 years plus paying exhorbinant fees to data centers so that I could house our server out of town. I was so afraid that a local company wouldn't be available at a moment's notice, say when there is a "powder day". I used to be a computer programmer back in The Day so I know how important it is to have qualified hardware and software professionals at your disposal so that your computers are rarely, if ever down. Black Tie Ski Rentals really spoke highly of their support so I took the leap based on their recommendation. I could not be more pleased with my decision.

I save over $1000 per month thanks to CBT.
They have now reconfigured our server, our printers, and now our VOIP system. Their staff really knows what they are doing. Plus, you can absolutely count on them replying to your email and following up on your issues in a timely manner.

Simply no computer worries with CBT!
I could go on and on, but you get the point.

WaveRave Snowboard Shop

Excellent work Jon, Chris, Sarah and all of the CBT crew! Thank you for the support.


Manufacturas Diversas

Our company, Manufacturas Diversas, a subsidiary of NATO LLC, a pet toy manufacturing entity located in Chihuahua, Mexico; has had the opportunity to work with CBT for the last few years.

During this period of time, we have received nothing but great service from CBT in keeping our computers running in optimum conditions with their systems management software and their remote service assistance. All questions/inquiries and requests for help on this area, have always been answered timely and the few systems/communication problems we have had throughout the period of time, have been resolved by their team in a fast and efficient way.

With CBT our company is always updated with the current technology, as they continually keep bringing us to date with the newest/latest developments in the area.

Jose Luis Andreu, General Manager

Walker River Lodge

So many compliments are coming in from guests about the WiFi. It feels great to hear all the positive feedback.

Anthony Pedron

Thanks soooo much, you guys are the best!!

Bishop Police Department

CBT gets the job done right the first time! CBT is helpful, communicates every step of the way and are very friendly. We have CBTs systems management software on all of our desktops and servers keeping our machines healthy and happy. We are a 24/7 operation and they are always there for us. I would recommend CBT to anyone that needs computer support.

Eastern Sierra Unified School District

CBT has consistently provided us quality IT support for several years. Our district consists of 6 schools and cover over 2500 square miles area and has a combination of PCs and MACs. The CBT team is always there for us and ensuring we are current with all technology platforms. They recently switched us to Office 365 – it was a very smooth process with no service interruption or downtime.

Denniston Realty Group

I have known Chris Carmichael since I originally joined Mammoth Mountain Ski Area (MMSA) as President of Real & Land Use in 2002. At that time, Chris was a senior manager in the MMSA IT department. When I resigned from MMSA after completion of the sale to Starwood Capital Group, I worked closely with Chris at his newly formed Carmichael Business Technology (CBT) on all my technology needs. I found Chris and the entire CBT staff to be exceptional. First, they focus on understanding your technology needs. Second, with their extensive knowledge of available software and hardware products, they match your specific needs to the right products. Third, they cost effectively and almost seamlessly implement the new products. And fourth, they continue to monitor the transition to ensure that you are satisfied and any bugs are eliminated. While other firms can do much of this, what sets CBT apart from their competitors is their responsiveness and cost effectiveness. Due to the size of their highly qualified staff, they are able to jump on your needs right away. I also find CBT to be cost effective at meeting my needs. While my interests may not be aligned with other vendors where the vendor is trying to maximize their revenue by maximizing their billing rates and time billed, CBT has very competitive billing rates and I have never had to dispute any CBT time billed. I strongly recommend CBT without reservation.

Peter B. Denniston, President

Mammoth Unified School District

CBT has brought a new level of computer support to our district. We highly recommend their services to any business or school district in need of high quality, reliable and attentive IT support.

Jim Maxey, Business Manager

MUSD Board Member

The MUSD has received timely first-class technical support from CBT. We prefer them to an internal IT department. They can access every computer they support without leaving their chair. That makes sense and cents. The only thing that surpasses their technical expertise is their honesty and integrity – beyond reproach. Feel free to contact me at any time if you wish to discuss anything.

Greg Newbry, MUSD Board Member

University of CA, Santa Barbara

With wired and wireless networks in two locations in Mono County (SNARL and Valentine Reserve), and far from campus IT resources we need dependable, professional and knowledgeable IT support. CBT provides all this. Now entering a second year contract we are very excited to collaborate with CBT to upgrade and expand our IT infrastructure.

Dan Dawson, Director

Mammoth Lakes Police Department

The services of CBT have been of great value to us here at the Mammoth Lakes Police Department. The response time and knowledge of your IT personnel is great. They are always willing to find out and implement, correct, or change anything necessary. They are very direct and to the point which is greatly appreciated.

Renee Placensia, Executive Administrative Assistant

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

I am happy to see Chris’ technical expertise and professional courtesy made available to the Eastern Sierra. I am certain he will handle his clients with the same passion we became accustomed to while he was working as Senior Systems Analyst for Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.

Rusty Gregory, CEO

Mammoth Community Water District

The CBT team is the best! There is always someone answering the phone and our computer requests are scheduled quickly. CBT can handle small or large computer issues with a smile and it gets fixed the first time. CBT is a very professional and dedicated team that is always responsive to our dynamic IT needs!

Justin Mulbay, GIS

Town of Mammoth Lakes

The CBT team is EXCELLENT. Their professionalism, pride and dedication exceed any expectation. I highly recommend their services.

Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District

I would like to take a moment to commend everyone at CBT for doing a great job. Whenever we need your assistance your team is always quick to respond. You are continually professional, courteous, and efficient. You always manage to solve our computer issues, big and small. We at the Mammoth lakes Fire Department appreciate your hard work and dedication. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that takes pride in their trade.

Sincerely, Brent Harper, Fire Chief

Mammoth Pet Products

Mammoth Pet Products has been working with CBT for over 5 years. CBT provides a complete IT/computer outsourced solution to Mammoth Pet. They have excellent customer service and most importantly solve any computer problems that arise in a expeditious manner. Their staff is friendly and professional. Most importantly, Sarah and Chris are great people and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend CBT’s services.

Charles A. Byrne, President


“I can’t thank John and CBT enough for recommending two weeks ago that we put our personal PC and restaurant PC on daily monitoring. Today we discovered that someone had hacked our restaurant data and nearly 2 years of data was absolutely gone! We had an external hard drive that did backups and that data was also gone! I was so grateful that just 2 weeks ago we had acquired monthly monitoring. Because of it our Point of Sales System data was completely restored in a brief amount of time. I can’t thank John and CBT enough. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Lynn Altieri-Need

Liebersbach, Mohun, Carney and Reed

CBT researched and implemented a video conferencing system for LMCR, allowing video communication between our Mammoth office and our attorneys and clients from any location. CBT continues to streamline and monitor our IT systems. LMCR depends upon the prompts response and results from CBT.

Barbara Burns, Operations Manager

1849 Condominiums

We are pleased with the quality of service from CBT, the speed in which they respond to our large and small problems and any questions we send their way. The transition from our old tech support to CBT was smooth, fast and painless for us. Our server is no longer dropping contact with the Internet and each of our workstations, which has been a problem for years that our previous service could not mend. Thank you CBT!

Cheryl Witherill General Manger

Blizzard Property Management

The creation of our website was fast and painless. It was great to be able to pay in installments. Creation of the website has increased rental inquiries, approximately 50% of inquiries now come from the website.

Rick Terrell Property Manager

Blizzard Property Management

When starting up sudden link WIFI at Tavern Lodge, tenant weren’t able to connect via wifi and the sudden link technician couldn’t help us. We called CBT and you immediately responded with a solution. You contacted sudden link and met with them onsite and installed necessary equipment we didn’t know we needed. The entire time we felt in the loop.

Mammoth Reservations

There is always someone willing and available to help me at CBT. They make computers work.

Lanie Somers, CEO

Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra

CBT is a reliable friendly group of people who really know what they’re doing! They have kept our business up to speed as we have rapidly grown over the last 5 years. Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra now has its own server and a network of computers so we can all share information. The staff and volunteers concentrate on helping people with disabilities while CBT keeps the systems running smoothly. We highly recommend them!

Kathy Copeland, CEO

Allegra Stevens CPA

Carmichael Business Technology, Inc (CBT) has been instrumental to the success of my CPA practice. As a sole practitioner, I rely on technology daily in order provide state-of-the-art accounting and tax services to my clients. In my practice, I attempt to incorporate the motto or Right Job, Done Right, On Time. CBT allows me to achieve my objective by keeping my practice up to date with current technology and providing my expert technical support when I need it. As a result, I don’t let my clients down and am able to exceed their expectations.

Allegra J. Stevens, MS-Certified Public Accountant

Allegra Stevens CPA

"Chris did it again! Chris did an outstanding job of setting up a dedicated PC for me at one of my clients that is 600 miles from where my office is. Now I can remote into my client when I need to in order to provide better service for my client. I could not have accomplished this without Chris!"

Alpenhof Lodge

You can’t beat the reliable response and speedy service of Carmichael Business Technology. The staff handles everything from the simplest technical questions to warranty work with exceptional skill and knowledge. We’ve been more than satisfied with their service for over 3 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Stacy Schaubmayer Owner

Best Western Frontier Motel

Being a remote location, Lone Pine, we need quality IT help, a friend/associate recommended CBT. We are very pleased with the promptness in all aspects of their service. When upgrading software, changing hardware and interacting with CBT staff, we have been impressed with their professionalism and efficiency. We have really enjoyed working with the staff.

Martin Powell General Manager

Footloose Sports

We have been using Carmichael Business Technology exclusively for all of our IT needs over the last eighteen months. They have been great to work with and have made all of our problems seem painless. We have been very satisfied with their quick response time, their level of expertise and professionalism. Would not hesitate to recommend them!

Andrea Colosardo Owner

Gallerie Barjur

Carmichael Business Technology – their services to our business have been incredible. When we have experienced any computer related issues big or small, CBT’s willing and able staff arrives within a short time of our placing the call. CBT’s expert and dedicated staff have saved us thousands of dollars with their monthly updates and checks for our computer systems. We no longer have to wait days or weeks to get our computer problems fixed, from inexperienced services, out of area services nor have we had to replace our systems. CBT is the way to go!

Tony Barrett Owner

Stuart Brown

The dedicated, knowledgeable and professional staff at Carmichael Business Technology is terrific! I only have one computer at home, but it feels like I have an entire IT Department at my beck and call- kind of like Verizon TV ads. I would highly recommend CBT services to anyone that owns a computer or is in need of a new one.

Gephart and Silverman

We are very fortunate to have the caliber of expertise and knowledge available to us through Carmichael Business Technology. Given the nature of our business we can’t afford potential downtime, lost data or unreliable backup solutions. After a brief consultation with owner, Chris Carmichael, we realized adopting CBT’s Managed Services and Monitoring Solutions were the only way to go. The Law Office of; Berger, Silverman & Gephart has actually lowered monthly IT costs, increased efficiency as well as eliminated unplanned downtime altogether. Now we all have the peace of mind; our IT infrastructure is safe and secure under the watchful eye of CBT.

Claudia Silverman Partner

Napa Auto Parts, Bridgeport

We have been using CBT for several years and they are always a pleasure to work with. Always quickly fixing our issues; remotely or onsite you cannot beat them!

Josie Annette Owner

Bridgeport Properties

CBT is always helpful and there when you need them, there is always a friendly voice answering the phone. I purchased new computers through CBT for my business and home and they are still running great 4 years later. Thank you very much!

Jeff Mills Broker/Owner

Scott Lee

Thanks all at cbt, most helpful!

Gomez Restaurant

Thanks for saving our ass yesterday! :)

The Sheet

What I like about you and Chris is that I know your character and I never have an issue with how we do things. I know I can be vague and I also know that I can hardly remember what the hell we've agreed upon, so ... checking in every now and then is helpful.

So glad to have such great IT support in Mammoth. I don't know jack about computers and I am very dependent upon them, so ... I feel like my back is covered thanks to CBT.

Century 21 – Bill MacBride

James was great!

He moved a desk out of the way to expose the internet cables and was able to find and extend the appropriate cable to my laptop.

He was prompt, polite and professional.

Thank you!


Century 21 – Lina Myers

Whew, my internet issue was easy to solve! Thank goodness he was available right away and fixed it. I am so happy that you guys have such good service for us, and that you are patient with the panic calls! When computers have glitches, it is a scary thing!!! Thanks again for helping today.

Lorna Merriman

Thanks so much for your quick response and fitting me in with Jon today. Thank goodness for CBT -- I'd be in a mess without you.